Finding just the right professionals for your business is challenging, especially in such a dynamic economy as we are currently experiencing.

T3 Search uses our extensive network and deep relationships to find and introduce you to the perfect employee; one that will provide not only the skills and knowledge you
are looking for, but more importantly, mesh well culturally with your team to give you an added synergy that will elevate your company’s performance.

If you have hired new professionals to join your company, you already know how lengthy the search process can be. T3 Search has the knowledge and expertise to find and attract the talent that is uniquely suited for your needs while reducing your risk. With our total focus on the design and building industry, we truly understand your world. We take the time to listen to you, and then help you define the ideal candidate, taking into account experience, competency as well as personality.

Our services don’t end when a hiring decision is made. We actively participate in the on-boarding process to ensure that your new hire fully understands their new role and what is expected of them so they can be ready to make a contribution from day one.